Sunday, September 26, 2004

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us play in Arlington Saturday night. 2 shows in a week is a new post full time record for us. We've been having a blast playing with Scotty. It's always hard to play with a new band mate. Especially as long as we played with Luke. Everyone brings subtle differences in playing style that help define the band's sound. But Scotty has totally stepped up to the plate. We can't thank him enough. We are even talking about getting together to write some songs.

Other news. Johnny Ireland's new album, Lonely Man, is finished. I got a copy. It sounds great. Find it and buy it.

Derrick is heading to NYC for a month to play in musical called Titus Andronicus. Jill and I want to get up to see it, but we have a lot going on this month.

Any way, thanks again for coming out.