Friday, July 30, 2004

I started these blogs about a year ago and completely stopped. Classic. I guess we'll see if anyone is out there reading.

So Luke is all married off and moved to Woodstock and we wonder what to do with the band next. First of all I must shout my love for Luke Michel at the top of my lungs. Aside from being an amazing musician, he's a good man. He's the kind of guy that a Father hopes his daughter grows up to marry, and as a newish Father that's the highest of compliments that I can pay.

I don't want to speak for D and Erik, but for me, there was only one possibility to take over after Luke....


Scotty B.

Scott Brotemarkle.

I'm not sure that I would have even wanted to go on with anyone other than Scott. It also helped that Luke wanted Scott to replace him. It also helps that Scotty has been friends with us for over a decade and that he has played in bands with Derek and I It also helps that he knows our material and that I'd give him the same high praise that I'd give Luke -- a good man that we all love to spend time with. So it's easy. It's a no brainer. Plus we get a great bassist who has one of my favorite singing voices of all time. Scotty's always been one of my favorite singers. He has a really pure voice. So now we have 3 singers. That's going to be fun and we're already looking for ways to have fun with three part vocal harmonies.

Not to give away the farm, but here are a couple of songs that we have been working on in practice.

Big Houses
Ed's Song
Angst II
Never Going Back
Johanna at the Door
Blue Moon
Sell Out

It occurred to me last night that we've forgotten more of our songs than we know.